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Friday, June 22, 2012 @ 04:06 PM
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Radon Level Elevation in Wilmington, Delaware

Radon Levels DelawareWilmington, Delaware is a beautiful city with extensive shopping and financial centers, but also a relaxed feel and a community atmosphere. The city is located fairly near the Atlantic Ocean and is within a short drive of a number of resorts. Unfortunately, however, radon levels in the Wilmington area tend to be fairly high.

Health Effects of High Radon Levels

Even though radon gas is a naturally created side effect of uranium breakdown in the soil, exposure to it can be extremely harmful. In fact, radon gas exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer cases in the United States. The good news is that this gas is easy for specialists to detect and to remove from a house, making its health impacts entirely preventable.

Inspecting for High Radon Levels

Having SWAT Environmental inspect your home to determine its radon levels is quick and affordable, and should become a regular part of your routine. Since radon has no odor or color, you cannot detect your presence by yourself. It usually enters your home from the ground outside through small cracks in the house’s foundation. Warmer summers often cause an increase in the gas, and it can actually be drawn into the house by the cooler air from an air conditioning system. You can purchase home test kits for radon gas at many hardware stores, although they do tend to be significantly less accurate and quick than professional radon testing. However, whether you use a professional test or a home test kit, if the test detects dangerously elevated radon levels in your home, you should take immediate steps to correct the problem and to protect your family’s health.

Dealing with High Radon Levels

The testing stage for the presence of radon gas in a house is a preliminary measure used as a precaution, but getting a negative test result is not the end of the world. In a way, it is good news, since it allows you the opportunity to correct the problem before it causes any serious side effects. You should have SWAT Environmental begin the radon mitigation process immediately; with a number of available strategies to lower the radon levels in a home, they will be able to choose the best option for your situation. For example, installing a unique type of central fan system in the basement or crawl space is one common way to lower the house’s radon levels. The system draws the air from the bottom of the house out through the attic to above the roof, preventing it from accumulating indoors.

You should not take the threat of dangerously accumulated radon levels in your home lightly, but neither should you be paranoid or fearful about the possibility of the gas’s presence. The modern technology SWAT Environmental’s experts employ means that you can be certain that your family is protected.