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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 08:01 PM
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Wilmington, DE and Radon Action Month

National Radon Awareness Month WilmingtonWilmington, DE residents should go ahead and start preparing for their action during radon action month. Radon action month is this January, and is the perfect time to take some form of action against radon gas in the Wilmington community. Whether your action is simply furthering your radon knowledge, installing a radon mitigation system, testing your home, or being an advocate will make a huge impact in the health of you, your family, and other members of the Wilmington community.

Radon Action Month in Wilmington

The first action that can be done is simply taking the time to educate yourself. Radon affects one out of every fifteen homes across the United States. Any home could be in danger. Radon kills roughly 20,000 each year, meaning that if you do not take action, and let radon action month pass you by, you run the risk of death for your friends and family.

Radon enters your home through a variety of ways. The most common way is through your foundation. You might not think about it, but because this substance is a gas, it can enter through the smallest of areas. Radon forms in your soil through broken down uranium, which is a naturally occurring process. Even though this process is naturally occurring, it is very dangerous as radon is radioactive, and proven to cause cancer.

You may also take this month to test your home. Another commonly unknown fact is that radon is odorless and colorless, so the only way you will know if it is even present is through testing. Testing allows you to know your threat or risk level of your home, and lets you know if further action is required during radon action month. Once you know your levels, you have accomplished half the battle. If your levels are not high, you do not need to take further action, and only need to retest in a year or two later.

Radon action month is a great time to have a mitigation system installed in your Wilmington home. As you know, if you have high levels of radon, the only way that you can reduce your levels is through a mitigation system. S.W.A.T. Environmental is the nation’s most trusted brand, and has decades of experience. We can provide the mitigation your Wilmington home needs this radon action month.

If you already have a mitigation system installed, you can become an advocate for radon awareness during radon action month. Imagine saving a life through simply informing your neighbor of the dangers of this gas, and what can be done to reduce their risk of cancer. So many people would have their Wilmington home tested, and a mitigation system installed if they simply knew the dangers. Take action during radon action month, and help us reduce the deaths due to radon gas in Wilmington, Delaware.