Waterborne Radon Reduction – Wilmington, Delaware

Waterborne Radon Reduction in Wilmington, Delaware

Waterborne Radon ReductionMany homeowners believe that their properties are free of pollutants that can cause them harm. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. In particular, residents living in Wilmington, Delaware are at a greater risk than other states for a specific type of environmental problem. Waterborne radon contamination affects Wilmington, Delaware homeowners more frequently than it does in other areas of the country.

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that is formed when uranium breaks down beneath the earth’s surface. As it builds up, the pressure forces the radon to search for a way out of its confinement. Quite often, this search leads the radon to your home’s foundation where it sneaks through the cracks into your indoor air supply. Sometimes, this radioactive gas finds its way into your water supply, contaminating every drop that enters your Wilmington, Delaware home.

The Possibility of Waterborne Radon Contamination in Wilmington, Delaware

Radon in silent, invisible, and deadly. You never hear it enter your Wilmington, Delaware home, and you never see it. In fact, you can’t even smell it or taste it. So, how are you ever going to know that it is there? Fortunately for homeowners living in the Wilmington, Delaware area as well as other parts of the country, a qualified radon mitigation contractor can test your home for waterborne radon. If the levels test higher than the accepted “safe” level, (4 pCI/L or picocuries per liter, as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency), then your home needs to undergo radon mitigation strategies to reduce, eliminate, and prevent this radioactive gas from reeking havoc on your health.

When your home has waterborne radon contamination, then you are exposed to this dangerous radioactive gas every time that you use the water in your home. Whether you are using the water to clean something or for personal reasons, you are exposed to this carcinogen as long as your water is contaminated. The only way to remove this contamination is to hire someone to conduct radon mitigation strategies using equipment that has been specially designed for this purpose.

Locating a qualified waterborne radon mitigation specialist who is equipped to eliminate this carcinogen from your home requires a bit of caution. You’ll want to ensure that the company has the expertise to complete the task. First, you can start by asking whether or not the radon mitigation company holds any licenses, certification, or credentials proving that their employees are indeed trained to complete this type of clean up. Next, ask what type of equipment they have, how long they have been servicing the Wilmington, Delaware area, and whether they are skilled in waterborne radon mitigation. Our company can answer these questions to your satisfaction, because our radon mitigation specialists have the training and skills needed to use our specialized equipment to eliminate your waterborne radon problem from your Wilmington, Delaware home.